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Help us fight for equal treatment of Short Term Rentals.

We are raising an initial $25,000 to retain legal representation to get an injuction.
After that we will need to raise an additional $75,000 to pay for the case as we go through the court system.

​For small donations, please use GoFundMe. For larger donations that you plan to write off as a business expense, please use Paypal. We will mail receipts for year end for Paypal only.

Funds raised will only be used for court costs, legal fees, and expert witnesses.

The funds raised will not be used to cover any expenses of the Corpus Christi Short Term Alliance, nor the expenses of any names plaintiffs (such as the travel expense to attend court).  This is why we are only able to track larger donations for a end of the year receipt as we will be donating our personal time to do so.


For donations above $500
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For donations under $500
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