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The Corpus Christi Short Term Rental Alliance (CCSTRA) is a group of residents, hosts, local businesses, and other advocates who understand property rights and wish to protect those rights of homeowners to responsibly rent their properties. CCSTRA believes in fair and reasonable regulations of short-term rentals and we know the value that single-family short-term rentals bring to Corpus Christi's economy.

Corpus Christi, TX -

The Gulf Coast Capital

Corpus Christi is a wonderful place to visit and live. 

We should agree on many issues:

  • The peace and quiet of a single-family neighborhood is enjoyable to most families, especially ones with kids and pets. Condos and townhomes are way too small and overcrowded. Families have to worry about sharing a wall with their neighbor. Condos and townhomes are not ideal for most.
  • Most people do not invite strangers over for wild parties in their home. Neither do single-family short-term owners for all the same reasons as a property owner wouldn’t. We don’t want people tearing up our beautiful homes and property.
  • We respect the rule of law and we expect others to follow it too. If laws against noise need to be enforced, call the police.  The City of Corpus Christi has a noise ordinance which can be enforced if it needs to be.
  • We appreciate all the freedoms of this Great Country that respect private property rights such as we can use our homes in quiet enjoyment, free from an intrusive government.

Unfortunately, the last point is controversial in Corpus Christi as of March 15, 2022.  Sadly, a group of people would like to end our freedom to be able to freely rent our homes. They have a perception that we are bad neighbors. In response to this, hundreds of us have come together to defend our property rights. We will educate our neighbors and the City of Corpus Christi officials that we are good neighbors.

Complaining Neighbors Perspective

The current proposal to regulate short-term rentals would cause the minimum rental term to be 1 month. The bottom line is that the property would still likely be a rental.

Let’s ask the following questions about any house that’s a rental:

  • Would weekly or monthly tenants be more likely to have a boat that they park in their driveway along with 2-3 cars causing anyone else visiting to have to park on the street?
  • Would weekly or monthly tenants be more likely to have an electric guitar?
  • Would weekly or monthly tenants be more likely to invite over 50 party friends?
  • Would weekly or monthly tenants clog the roads during peak travel times?
  • Would weekly or monthly tenants have money at risk as a cleaning deposit?
  • Would weekly or monthly tenants bring in more money to the local economy like restaurants & shops?

If peace and quiet is the issue, short-term rentals are more likely to be better neighbors.

Short Term Renter Perspectives

Short-term renters are normal folks. Most stay for 7-21 days. They come to Corpus Christi for family vacation. Short-term renter vacationers are people who want to experience living in Corpus Christi. They eat at local restaurants, purchase from local shops, they go to the zoo and state aquarium, and sit on the beach. They live life and love Corpus Christi, like any other Corpus Christi resident. We believe that tourists have the right to access the coast in an affordable, family-friendly manner.

Short term renters are people who have jobs that bring them to Corpus Christi with short-term commitments. Corpus Christi has many business opportunities. Our hosts provide housing for doctors, nurses, flight attendances, refinery specialists, and more.

Short term renters are people who are in military training. CCAD is the largest facility of its type in the world and has become a training base for most active duty Army Reserve, National Guard, and Army personnel.  Corpus Christi is a frequent destination. These people defend the nation, and we owe them much for our freedoms that flow from their service. We are honored to have them as our neighbors.

If the character of the residential neighborhoods is the issue, then these honest, hard-working, productive, and patriotic renters make great weekly neighbors.

Owner Perspective

Please meet us and understand:

  • We want peace and quiet for our tenants and for our neighbors.
  • We are part of the Corpus Christi community and most of us live here. Most of us only own a single short-term rental and we are not investors. Many of us are school teachers, retired veterans, and work in public service jobs.
  • Short term rentals have been a part of Corpus Christi for a very long time. Tourism is Corpus Christi’s #2 income source.
  • We endorse existing, behavior-based enforcement to target wild parties, noise, public drunkenness, and other not neighborly behavior.
  • We are good citizens and deserve to be left alone.
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